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In the San Francisco area, flooding and water damage are more common than you might imagine. Incredibly potent and severely detrimental, when homeowners suffer from San Mateo water damage there is really no time to waste; professionals should be called for immediately. This is why our team here at 911 Remediation San Francisco is ready at any moment 24/7 to help deal with the damage incurred by accidental flooding. Recovering quickly from flooding is made a lot easier when you know where to begin, and with our trained staff that has years of experience providing emergency services, we know exactly what steps to take. Remember that when you suffer from water damage San Mateo, there’s more to handling the situation than just mopping up the water on the floor. Get the right equipment and the right team to help you by calling 911 Remediation San Francisco.

Our Services and Expertise

Having worked in the community for many years as professionals, we urge homeowners devastated by San Mateo water damage to call for professional help rather than attempt to handle the situation on their own. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art tools that make a simple process of drying out a home, dehumidifying, cleaning up, repairing and making a home habitable. Licensed to provide the highest-grade water damage remediation available, we understand specific procedures for recovery as well as other jobs like mold remediation and air duct cleaning. Our expertise means following the proper procedures for drying the area, decontaminating, preventing mold, loss diagnosis, and more. We intend to be the reliable emergency team San Mateo water damage victims turn to whenever flooding strikes.

Our services in San Mateo include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Removal
  • Flood Damage
  • sewage removal
  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Sewage Cleanup


Drywall Water Damage

An example of the kind of damage flooding can cause, which will have beyond the surface impact upon the integrity of your home, is water damage to drywall. If you get to a basement flood quickly enough you’re sure to be able to dry out the carpets and baseboards around the walls before they warp. But drywall water damage, if not treated properly, will develop deeper problems such as the development of dangerous molds. Our remediation team is trained to quickly and efficiently dry out drywall and prevent mold from growing. We are also able to help with mold remediation when it is discovered later, long after flooding has been cleaned up. We understand how to cut away and repair areas contaminated by mold, as well as clean and purify materials damaged by water in your home.

Water Damage Repair

Standing water is incredibly destructive as it soaks into furnishings, carpeting, padding, wood, and drywall. When you suffer water damage San Mateo, it is professional pumps, vacuums, and processes that will save your home from serious water damage and ensure complete repair. Repairing water damage means completely eradicating moisture, decontaminating your home, and other essential efforts. From the moment our team is called to the scene, we’re on the job and committed to providing not only the most knowledgeable assistance possible but also the fastest and most comprehensive service you can find anywhere in the San Mateo area.

Water Damage Clean Up

Finally, beside the penetrating elements of our water damage restoration services, you can count on our team to make your living environment a real priority. We’re not just determined to get rid of standing water; we’re going to help you clean the walls, carpet, and ceilings. We intend to make sure your home is restored and cleaned up so that you can feel comfortable living the luxuries of your own belongings once more.

No matter where you live in the San Mateo area, if San Mateo water damage or flooding strikes, you can count on 911 Remediation San Francisco to be there for you!